BUC Sanctuary Makeover - January 2012
To better accomodate the choir and band the barriers were removed and a riser installed to allow the organ to be repositioned.
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015 Framing Organ riser photo
016 Cutting the lumber photo
017 Screwing around photo
018 Organ in place photo
019 Dr Render photo
020 Hide those wires photo
021 Maybe here photo
022 Heather praying it works photo
023 Over there
024 New Choir Seating photo
025 P120123_180401_10267_DMC-GH1
026 P120123_180522_10274_DMC-GH1
027 P120123_180709_10284_DMC-GH1
028 P120123_180746_10286_DMC-GH1
030 P120123_180809_10288_DMC-GH1
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